Co-Occurring Disorders Program


Park Center welcomes all individuals regardless of the challenges or problems they face.  We expect that many of the participants in the program may have co-occurring disorders, and we will screen for those disorders.  Park Center provides life-enhancing recovery options including integrated services related to alcohol and drug addiction and mental health.  We are dedicated to creating an environment of opportunity, choice and hope.

All persons seeking services will be received in a welcoming and respectful manner regardless of presenting needs, symptoms or illness.  We adhere to a “No Wrong Door” approach in order to remove barriers to care and services.

PHILOSOPHY AND OVERVIEW:  Park Center believes that adults with co-occurring disorders of mental illness and substance use can and do recover.  By receiving integrated treatment and services, working with both disorders simultaneously and developing healthy, supportive relationships in the community, they can move forward on their journey to recovery and to accomplishing their life goals.

PROGRAMS:Park Center offers a variety of programs and services for adults with co-occurring disorders of mental health and substance use.  With varying levels of intensity, these programs complement each other, providing a continuum of care that provides the individual with increased support and opportunity for recovery. 


 v     Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP):  Park Center’s IOP is an alternative to residential treatment for adults with mental illness and substance use related disorders that cannot be treated exclusively in an outpatient setting.   Services are designed to help the individual work on problem behaviors and acquire skills necessary to live as independently as possible. Services are provided between nine (9) and nineteen (19) hours per week.  It is not time-limited; however, clients must continue to meet ASAM Patient Placement Criteria for this service.

 v    Outpatient Program (OP):   The Outpatient Program is designed to meet people where they are in the stages of recovery.  Services offered include individual counseling, group counseling and eventually, ongoing access to an Alumni Group.  The program is nine (9) hours or less per week.  It is not time-limited; however clients must continue to meet the ASAM Patient Placement Criteria for this service.

v    Co-Occurring Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PSR):  This is a voluntary program operated five days a week for adults with mental illness and substance use (which may be primary or secondary).  It is not time-limited.  It provides education and support through a variety of evidence-based co-occurring groups and educational classes.  Individuals who are enrolled in the Outpatient or the Intensive Outpatient Program may participate in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program when not attending other programs.

WHO IS ELIGIBLE?   Park Center’s Co-Occurring services are designed to serve adults, 18 and over, who have a mental health and substance use disorder (Co-Occurring).   Pregnant women who meet the eligibility requirements are given preference.  This service is eligible for adults with TennCare benefits and those who are non-TennCare and are under 133% of the poverty guidelines.  

The Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program accepts individuals who currently receive TennCare, have applied for TennCare benefits, or who are members of other Park Center services.


Individual and/or Group Counseling by a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and/or a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Stage of Change Assessment and Treatment Recommendations

Drug Testing

Therapeutic Groups and Evidence-Based Practice groups such as Hazelden’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Enhancement Therapy, 12-Step Facilitation Therapy, Illness, Management and Recovery (IMR), Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP)

Recovery and Relapse Prevention classes

An Emphasis on Wellness – including opportunities for exercising, preparing nutritional meals, classes on nutrition and early prevention for common diseases.

Pre-employment groups, employment placement and employment supports

Family support and education

AfterCare Services and Alumni Support Groups


HOW TO APPLY:  To apply, complete the Park Center Referral Form and email or fax it to the Information and Referral Specialist (number on the form).  









Park Center has been certified as a Co-Occurring Disorders Capable program by the Tennessee Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuses Services



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We believe individuals can be active and contributing members of their community by defining their lives apart from their mental illness


We believe that individual recovery is possible through loving care, educated choices and support services


We believe that active and ongoing advocacy, education about mental illness and the recovery process are necessary in order to empower members and reduce stigma in our community


We believe that services should be continuously improved to align with current and emerging best practices